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Why Hilltop?

Hilltop College Consulting helps high school students develop the self-awareness and direction they need to thrive in college admissions and beyond.

We reduce the stress of the application process by starting early and by focusing the conversation on who you are and why you’re applying to college in the first place.

Together, we ask and discover:


  • What do you like to do, and why? 

  • What are your strengths, and how do you use them? 

  • How can your skills and experience benefit others? 

  • How will higher education help you achieve your goals? 

As an educational consultant and a former application reader, I know that the most memorable applicants – and those with the most offers of admission – are those with self-awareness and direction. These applicants don't always have an exact major in mind, but they know what they like (and don't like). They understand their value to their community, and they aspire to use their strengths to make an impact. Often, they are making an impact already!  

Successful applicants know what they want from their college experience. As a result, they're able to make a strong case for why they belong at the schools they're applying to, and admissions and financial aid officers notice, remember, and advocate for them.​ Beyond admissions, these students are primed for success when they arrive on campus and long after they graduate.

Hilltop College Consulting prepares students for success after high school by helping them 

  • identify their interests and strengths; 

  • develop leadership skills, experience, and impact through academic enrichment, extracurricular enhancement, and community service; 

  • research and build a balanced list of “right fit” colleges and universities; and 

  • articulate their goals and purpose in compelling college applications.

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